We’re independent. No hidden agendas, quotas or corporate ladders to climb.

Guides are essential in today’s complex financial world. The opportunities and challenges for your specific financial situation are as unique as you are. Yet many financial services companies are more interested in meeting their own sales projections than understanding your individual hopes and needs.

Pivot Independent Financial is a fresh alternative to the traditional broker perspective. Our fiduciary approach is a commitment to align our guidance with the client’s true need and never benefit at their expense. We create a positive, and sometimes even fun, experience for our client whenever possible.

We believe in base hits vs. swinging for the fence.

Many advisors concentrate on wowing you with promises of big returns. Returns are great, but when it comes to the terms of your investments, details are critical. In addition to favorable returns, what other factors make for a wise investment in your unique situation? Factors such as the level of risk with which you are comfortable and liquidity of your investment have huge bearing on the nature of individual success in investing.

At Pivot, we use a process-driven approach to manage risk while positioning for returns that suit each situation. We believe in chasing goals, not returns.

The Truth About Fees.

Fees. Commissions. Sales charges. Percent of assets managed. Performance-based compensation. There are many ways for an advisor to be paid. In the personal financial services industry, compensation for services is not always what it seems. Some assure you there is no “fee” but then charge a “commission.” Some charge when you invest, others when you sell.

How do you know if your advisor’s method of compensation is fair for your situation? First, make sure you understand the details. If you are at all unsure, ask.

At Pivot, we believe it’s your advisor’s responsibility – not yours – to make sure you are fully aware of how he or she is being compensated. That’s why we always explain the details to you at the outset of any transaction. And then we remind you again at regular intervals. No hidden agendas. No surprises.

Is your advisor independent or dependent?

It’s a sad truth, but unfortunately some financial services firms ultimately work for the corporation – not the individual client. As a fiduciary, our obligation is to our client, and no one else.

A common perspective for many financial services firms is centered on volume. Their advisors are given sales goals and then are rewarded based on selling pre-packaged “plans.” So instead of basing their advice on your unique situation, these advisors often know what they want to sell you before you walk through the door.

Pivot is independent. We are not rewarded for channeling your investments into predetermined plans. Our fiduciary approach means we offer unbiased advice with practically limitless options. When you have Pivot, you get a partnership with no hidden agendas.

Pivot’s Concierge Perspective

Pivot Independent Financial is a different breed. Our promise of personal financial service excellence with a fresh perspective is built upon four factors: honesty, knowledge, attitude, performance.

HONESTY We promise to be honest with you no matter what it means for our bottom line. In fact, we promise to go out of our way to make sure there are no ambiguities about your investments with us, about our recommendations or about the options before you. Honesty is the basis of trust and of a fruitful business relationship.

KNOWLEDGE Excellence takes hard work. We promise our partners will be well-trained with foundational knowledge in matters relating to financial strategy and investments. And each partner will receive on-going education about evolving investment options as well as the threats and opportunities they present for your investment strategy.

ATTITUDE We like our clients. We want you to call. We want to answer your questions. Pivot partners will never talk down to you or make you feel less than welcome. Investing is not always easy, but there is no reason for us not to do the work with a smile on our face. A fresh and optimistic attitude can move mountains. We promise to bring that spirit to your challenge.

PERFORMANCE Our client’s success is benchmarked on how well we help them achieve their goals. We build the appropriate metrics into every personal investment strategy based on your unique situation. We promise to never forget that your financial plan depends on the positive performance of our recommendations.